Yağız Oral

Yağız Oral is an orchestral conductor and film composer based in Turkey.

When the pandemic began to show its effects around the world, one of the groups of people that received the greatest blow were artists. In this sense, the first problem I encountered was the cancellation of my concerts with the orchestra I conducted. Later, almost all of my private lessons had to continue online, and of course this greatly affected the effectiveness of the lessons.

Apart from all this pandemic problem, there are some very important problems that young artists have to face today. I think young talents haven’t had enough opportunities to take the stage. Our reason for establishing the Agora Youth Symphony Orchestra, for which I am the music director, was to offer a solution to our colleagues who graduated from conservatory departments and could not find the opportunity to take the stage. Unfortunately, those who graduated from these departments after studying at the conservatory cannot find an art environment where they can perform their art. Instead of complaining about some impossibilities, it is necessary to find solutions. Of course there are many concert halls, museums or orchestras, but support for young people is unfortunately very limited. Especially in the face of global problems such as pandemics, young talents like us, who did not have enough opportunities, had more difficulties. As an orchestra, we supported our friends who were unable to work with a fund called “Ago-fund”. We even tried to finance our scholarship ourselves. There is a support that the state gives to its artists, we understood the necessity of this more in such processes.

I hope the relevant institutions and organisations understand the importance of art and artists better in these difficult times. We, the artists, always want to continue to produce and to feed the souls with new things.


Yağız Oral

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