Einat Dan

My name is Einat Dan, and I’m an international makeup artist, 47 years old. I started my career in 1995, in Israel, and have a lot of passion for my job.

When I first began, my main focus was on body painting. I’ve painted for as long I can remember, art was my first passion in life, so when I found the right career path, I gave it my all. I won awards as a body painter, but realised that it would be really hard to find a job as a makeup artist if I wasn’t being seen doing that. I tried my luck in New York for two years – it was a great time in my life, and I started meeting people that could help me with my makeup career. But then September 11 happened, and I had to go back to Israel. I got a great job as a makeup teacher, working in one of the biggest makeup schools, but still it didn’t feel like the right place for me. I did everything I could and moved to Milan, with no friends, family or money. Deep down, it felt like the right decision.

I spent three months in Milan, staying in a cheap hostel, scheduling a few meetings each day with photographers. I knew that one day I would find one that really liked my work, and eventually I did. She asked me stay in Milan to work on a campaign, which was the start of many projects with some major brands and magazines. My name was out there and it was a really good feeling – I was getting great jobs, magazines were featuring my work, the feeling of success was amazing. I was still doing some body painting, but mostly for fashion and body painting competitions.

I felt that I needed a change, so moved to Berlin, and got many requests for masterclasses. I started traveling all over the world a few times per month – London, Milan, Rome, Mexico, Russia, NY, LA, Brazil, Uruguay and more… I built my profile, I was earning good money, and I was creating a lot of my own projects where I got to work with amazing photographers, stylists and others in the fashion industry. It felt so good to create, to be appreciated and to perform in front of many people. It was fun – I feel good on stage and I feel good when I’m being creative. In 2013, I started creating fashion films, where I’d direct and write the story, and also worked with many amazing film productions around the world. I started getting more recognition in the fashion film world, and am delighted to have won several awards for it.

I usually get booked for jobs a few months in advance. I live in Berlin, but I’m rarely home – it’s great to be busy, but it’s also hard being away so much, living out of a suitcase. This year, I had jobs lined up pretty much every two weeks – different country, different job. My last job was in Paris for Sephora, and when I got back to Berlin, everything else got cancelled. Kiev, NY, Mexico, London… all of them wrote to say things were being called off. This was tough, but I took advantage of the the time, and for the first time in the ten years that I’ve lived in Berlin, I spent two months at home – in quarantine by myself, didn’t meet friends, just fixed up my apartment and enjoyed some “me time”. It was great, but when I saw that things weren’t getting better and that it could be a while before work started to come in, I decided to sublet my flat in Berlin and to go to Israel to spend the time with my family. I lost my mom last year, so I wanted to be with my sisters. I didn’t know how long it would be for, but I assumed three months.

In May I arrived in Israel. I didn’t know what I was going to do, what would come next, or when I’d work again. For my birthday, my sisters got me drawing tools, papers and colours. I hadn’t drawn on paper in maybe twenty years. I started painting so much, a few paintings each day. It felt so good to be creative, even if it was in a different way than I’m used to. I realised that my technique had changed too.

After lockdown, I picked up some work here and there in Israel, but only private sessions, nothing like before. I knew that everything was going to change; the money, the creations, the awards, the travelling from country to country, all gone. I contacted my friend Filippo Ioco, an artist based in Barcelona, and asked his advice on what I should do with my paintings. He offered to send them to some agencies in America, so I created lots of them and even started working digitally – that’s definitely a trend now.

I came back to Berlin two months ago and contacted some agencies. They were very impressed with my art, and offered me a contract with them. I probably won’t see the money anytime soon, but this is a long term contract and even if I see money from them in a year’s time, it’s a good thing for me.

Here in Berlin there is still a strict lockdown, but we’re allowed to do productions. A couple of times per month, I’m trying to organise a makeup production, just so that we feel like we are still working. And everyday I’m trying to draw one or two paintings. I decided to make a new website for my art to see how it goes.

I’m very passionate about art, and full of ambition. I work hard, and try my best to keep going and not let things drag me down. I currently live in Germany, and this amazing country is really helping the people and the artists – that’s how I’ve been able to pay the rent and keep moving forward. I hope I get to travel again soon, but I’ve realised that the way I was living wasn’t healthy, and that maybe I do need to spend more time at home once we get back to normal. Whatever happens, I will keep drawing and painting and doing what makes me feel good – creation is good for our soul. And I hope we all manage to stay safe!


Einat Dan


Einat Dan


Einat Dan

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