Sonia Lee

11th January 2021

When Friday the 13th in March, 2020 had all of us staying at home, I immediately assured myself that the mindset to behold would be one of resilience and fostering a peaceful yet considerate existence. Many of my past two decades were trained to be flexible. At age 21, just two months before graduating Juilliard, […]

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Marlon Daniel

4th January 2021

When the Coronavirus pandemic landed, I was hit hard. I am what I would categorise as an emerging conductor; I’m known in certain communities of the classical music world but by far not a household name. I’m in a category of age and career where Gustavo Dudamel would be the gold star, a perfect 10 […]

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Einat Dan

28th December 2020

My name is Einat Dan, and I’m an international makeup artist, 47 years old. I started my career in 1995, in Israel, and have a lot of passion for my job. When I first began, my main focus was on body painting. I’ve painted for as long I can remember, art was my first passion […]

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Ron Cohen Mann

21st December 2020

Ron Cohen Mann, a.k.a. @oboeron, brings brightness and optimism to his personal brand of social media with his popular Instagram and YouTube channel. He has been hailed as the “Jonathan Van Ness of the oboe” and proudly projects his queer identity as a role model for LGBTQ youth. He was recently named on CBC’s Hot […]

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Ryan MacKenzie

14th December 2020

As one of the most challenging years we’ve ever known draws to a close, we wanted to reflect on how the pandemic has affected the business. It’s not all doom and gloom though. Dare we say it, but there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. Our blog series has been a […]

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James Lindsay

7th December 2020

When lockdown arrived in March, I was in France for a couple of shows with my band, Breabach. Rumblings of lockdown had been in the air leading up to the trip, but everything seemed like it was going to go ahead as planned. On the morning of the first concert, from our hotel room we […]

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Ellie Consta

30th November 2020

I don’t think anyone could have predicted how this year has panned out; it was so unexpected, and terrifying. Before lockdown, I guess you could say my career was ‘on track’ as a classical musician – I was offered a contract with the CBSO straight out of college, offered a numbered job with ESO, touring, […]

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Graham Rorie

23rd November 2020

I am Graham Rorie, an Orcadian fiddle and mandolin player based in Glasgow. Like many self-employed musicians my work incorporates a few different roles including performance, composition, session recording, producing and teaching. Whatever comes up at the time really! The majority of my performance work comes with my band Gnoss, featuring Aidan Moodie (guitar and […]

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Ross Barber-Smith

16th November 2020

2020 has been a year to remember, for various reasons. We’ve probably all heard the word “unprecedented” more than we have in our entire lifetimes. We’ve seen countless graphs and charts, and heard way too much bad news. And for musicians, a way of connecting and reaching an audience, as well as a large proportion […]

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