Gabriel Gordon

10th May 2021

Taking a pause can be good. I don’t mean taking a break, although that is also necessary in order to do your best work. I mean pause as in, “to consider”, or “to take a step back” in order to improve or even change the way you see and do things. It can be stressful […]

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Jean-Pierre Schmitt

3rd May 2021

My name is Jean-Pierre Schmitt, conductor and Artistic Director of The Classical Saxophone Project. I was formally the Director of The French-American School of Music, located in New York, which I founded in 1992 with the idea of teaching music using French methods with an emphasis on French music. In the beginning we did not […]

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Lisa Liu

26th April 2021

The pandemic has been surreal and somewhat magical. I live in a bubble within Los Angeles, Playa Vista, that makes me feel like I’m in “The Truman Show” whenever I step outside. You still see neighbours gleefully pushing strollers and walking their dogs, children playing in the parks, locals meeting for happy hour, so it’s […]

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Yağız Oral

19th April 2021

Yağız Oral is an orchestral conductor and film composer based in Turkey. When the pandemic began to show its effects around the world, one of the groups of people that received the greatest blow were artists. In this sense, the first problem I encountered was the cancellation of my concerts with the orchestra I conducted. […]

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Amy Likar

12th April 2021

When I think back to a year ago, my life consisted of being a very active freelance musician in the very musically active San Francisco Bay Area. I was also used to traveling to teach Body Mapping and Musicians’ Wellness classes combined with recitals. When I contrast February of 2020 and March of 2020, the […]

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María Luisa Harth-Bedoya

5th April 2021

I am a classical guitarist-teacher-wife-mom born in Perú, living in Buenos Aires/Argentina. The year 2020 began with many expectations of the projects I had to develop, from the professional (concerts, students, recordings) to the family (my daughter’s last year of school and trips to reunite with my mother in Peru, my daughter in California and […]

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Emiliano Revert

29th March 2021

The lockdown took me by surprise. I decided a few years ago to stop consuming news and watching TV (not Netflix or those kind of services, just common TV shows), so lockdown came in an unexpected form. Suddenly something that was being discussed by my family and friends became real. I wasn’t very concerned about […]

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Esther Seitz

22nd March 2021

I remember the exact moment when it happened: the moment that Covid-19 felt real. A little over a year ago, I had come home from graduate school for spring break to play a recital and give a masterclass with my mom, violinist Dr. Diana Seitz, so luckily I had my cello with me. I was […]

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Lynn Kuo

15th March 2021

You’re never too old to learn new tricks. If I’ve proved anything to myself during this pandemic, I can pick up, pivot, and adapt on a dime.  Just before the pandemic started in March 2020, I made an abrupt transition from almost 20 years inside of a Toronto ballet orchestra pit to a new career […]

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